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No high heels on deck please
Nice wake for skiing
Just a nice spot to fish, lazy Sunday afternoon relaxing.
Race finished securing the yacht for the race home
Sunrise early morning start, to do some fishing
Fishermen preparing the workload
Regatta day at the marina.
Zygi Fishing shelter
The fishermen at work
One man fixing his nets in Zygi
Motor cruisers
At the marina.


                 Sailing on the  Spirit of Jenny or Pedigree racing Yacht the Almyra


So how is sailing good for you, is it the exposure to the great vast oceans that surround us? Is it the fresh sea air to breath as we ride the waves and soak up the rays from the sun.

What’s even more appealing is that sailing is an escape from all the technology and everyday problems that surround us on a daily basis even for our children. And from time to time it’s important now and then to take a break and immerse yourself with friends and like-minded friends. While you are on the sea, it is very simple because the access to Internet and mobile phone networks are limited, which gets your eyes off the phone and allows you to realise just what is all around you, to learn new skills and talk with your fellow crewmates or you could pick up a nice book and let the sound of the waves entice you, it’s there for you to discover a new meaning in life.

So if this means anything to you above, grab a group of friends, and get that sailing experience and a holiday you deserve!

If your need training to sail no problems there either, we can help you flirt with the breeze. On the Spirit of Jenny or a pedigree racing yacht the Almyra. 



                                   Let the waves entice you to Zygi


This covers sightseeing cruises and other such scheduled boat trips along the coast of Cyprus. You can take a scenic pleasure boat trip along the Cypriot coastline, or why not spend a beautiful summers evening watching the sunset. Boat trips can be a great way to sightsee a part of the coast, taking in some of the beautiful villages of Cyprus. Explore parts of the coastline that you can only see on a boat trip. Sightseeing boat trips can give you that holiday feel, and be million miles away from your daily routine. Some trips will continue into the winter months.



Scenic tours

Enjoy Scenic Tours along the coast of Cyprus and experience a Mediterranean coast like no other.

Take in the unique and wondrous coastline in its glory. Visit the fish farms sandy beaches rocky headlines and caves -and did we mention the sunshine?

Marvel at the marine colours and the diverse aqua-nature with snorkeling in the crystal clear waters.

Our personal guides provide the ambiance of the day out with your friends.



Life Watching

Have you ever wanted to see dolphins, and other marine life and other such wildlife in their natural habitat?  Or how about some bird watching. There is plenty of wildlife to be spotted off the shores of Cyprus so take a scenic tour and discover Cyprus from the sea.


Fishing Tours

Find yourself an fishing person how about a boat trip, then you have come to the right place as Zygi is famous for fish. Whether you want to charter your own boat trip, or join in with some friends or just a visit to the fish farms the choice is yours.


Zygi village is located between the large towns of Limassol and Larnaka and it is a charming waterfront fishing village. Enjoy the  beautiful old stone buildings that once housed the Carob harvest for the ancient shipping trade routes. There are numerous restaurants and cafes all within walking distance to the Marina.



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                         Please check local  weather & wind conditions on the right before you place a trip.